Welcome to Quixotic

Welcome to Quixotic

Thanks for joining us on our brand spanking new blog! House of #Quix will redirect to our registered domain quixoticcomics.com. Book it.

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Comic Book Picks for the Week of October 23rd, 2019

Hello World. I am Mr. Robot. Here me ROAR. (had to change it up!) Now, ON to the picks for this week!


G.I. Joe #2 (Cover A Chris Evenhuis), $3.99
G.I. Joe #2 (Cover B Karl Moline), AR

This is a great jump on for new readers of G.I Joe and old! Plus, new characters! Very overlooked at the launch. Recommended!


Immortal Hulk #25 (Cover A Alex Ross), $5.99
Immortal Hulk #25 (Cover B Kris Anka Mary Jane Variant), AR
Immortal Hulk #25 (Cover C Joe Bennett), AR
Immortal Hulk #25 (Cover D Ed McGuinness), AR
Immortal Hulk #25 (Cover E Ron Lim), AR
Immortal Hulk #25 (Cover F Andrea Sorrentino), AR
Immortal Hulk #25 (Cover G Gene Colan & Rudy Nebres Hidden Gem Variant), AR
Immortal Hulk #25 (Cover H Alex Ross Virgin Variant), AR
Immortal Hulk #25 (Cover I TBD Green Variant), AR

I’ve personally found that Immortal Hulk has been treading water for some time now, but this new direction has me enthusiastic about what’s to come. Recommended!


Incredible Hulk #1 (Facsimile Edition), $3.99

A must have for any Hulk fan! Recommended!!


Marauders #1 (Cover A Russell Dauterman), $4.99
Marauders #1 (Cover B Mark Bagley Every Mutant Ever Variant), AR
Marauders #1 (Cover C Aaron Kuder Young Guns Variant), AR
Marauders #1 (Cover D Tom Muller Design Variant), AR
Marauders #1 (Cover E Philip Tan), AR
Marauders #1 (Cover F Rick Leonardi Hidden Gem Variant), AR
Marauders #1 (Cover G Todd Nauck), AR
Marauders #1 (Cover H Russell Dauterman Red Queen Variant), AR

Everything X is hot! It’s a no-brainer! Plus, the series has been teased to have significant ramifications across the line. STRONGLY Recommended!!!


Money Shot #1 (Cover A Rebekah Isaacs), $3.99
Money Shot #1 (Cover B Tim Daniel), $3.99
Money Shot #1 (Cover C Mirka Andolfo Black Bag Variant), $5.99
Money Shot #1 (Cover D Tim Seeley Black Bag Variant), $5.99

EVERYTHING Vault puts out is worth a read. This is no exception. Looking for something new to mix up your weekly comic reading? Give this a shot!

And, that’s it for another week!! Thanks for following and reading!!!

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Comic Book Picks for the Week of October 16th, 2019

Hello World! Back once again is the Rhyme Animal!! Let’s get busy!!!


Marked #1 (Cover A Brian Haberlin & Geirrod Van Dyke), $3.99
Marked #1 (Cover B Brian Haberlin & Geirrod Van Dyke), $3.99

This creative team deserves a buy. Virtually everything that they have developed has been interesting. If you tried Sonata and liked it, give Marked a go.


Captain Marvel #11 (Cover A Mark Brooks), $3.99
Captain Marvel #11 (Cover B Elizabeth Torque Mary Jane Variant), AR

This issue, was teased by writer Kelly Thompson, as having some new context to Star. Star books blew up this week because of the announcement of her first mini-series. Expect there to be vested interest in this book.


X-Men #1 (Cover A Leinil Francis Yu), $4.99
X-Men #1 (Cover B Stanley Artgerm Lau), AR
X-Men #1 (Cover C Stanley Artgerm Lau Virgin Variant), AR
X-Men #1 (Cover D Mark Bagley Every Mutant Ever Variant), AR
X-Men #1 (Cover E Marco Checchetto Young Guns Variant), AR
X-Men #1 (Cover F Russell Dauterman), AR
X-Men #1 (Cover G Tom Muller Design Variant), AR
X-Men #1 (Cover H Chris Bachalo Hidden Gem Variant), AR
X-Men #1 (Cover I Whilce Portacio), AR
X-Men #1 (Cover J Mark Brooks Party Variant), AR
X-Men #1 (Cover K Leinil Francis Yu Premiere Variant), AR

I will literally buy anything Hickman writes so I may be the wrong person to ask, but X-Men #1 is a MUST buy. Every issue of House and Powers have X have sold out and gone to multiple printings. Expect the desire for the X-fix to be high the week after Powers of X #6 completed. If you’re a collector, get those incentives low, and wait for high ratio’s to come down since this book has a plethora of store exclusives and will have a high print run.

And That’s All Folks!

Comic Book Picks for the Week of October 9th, 2019

Hello World! Welcome to another week of our Picks for the Week! Let’s get going!!


Doctor Doom #1 (Cover A Aco), $4.99
Doctor Doom #1 (Cover B Mike Deodato Jr.), AR
Doctor Doom #1 (Cover C Cliff Chiang Mary Jane Variant), AR
Doctor Doom #1 (Cover D Arthur Adams), AR
Doctor Doom #1 (Cover E Simone Bianchi), AR
Doctor Doom #1 (Cover F Steve Ditko Hidden Gem Variant), AR

The Good Doctor recently returned to his old self in the pages of Slott’s Fantastic Four. He’s also made his presence felt in several other Marvel titles. What does it all mean?


Powers Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover A R. B. Silva), $5.99
Powers Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover B Mike Huddleston), AR
Powers Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover C Dustin Weaver New Character Variant), AR
Powers Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover D Giuseppe Camuncoli Foreshadow Variant), AR
Powers Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover E CAFU Character Decades Variant), AR
Powers Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover F Javi Garron Connecting Variant), AR
Powers Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover G John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant), AR
Powers Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover H Skottie Young), AR
Powers Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover I R. B. Silva Virgin Variant), AR

You would be a damn fool to pass up the last issue of the X-Men event of the the last twenty years. Nuff’ Said.


Batman’s Grave #1 (Of 12)(Cover A Bryan Hitch), $3.99
Batman’s Grave #1 (Of 12)(Cover B Jee-Hyung Lee Card Stock Variant), AR
Batman’s Grave #1 (Of 12)(Cover C Blank Variant), AR

New Maxi-Series from the mind of Warren Ellis and Bryan Hitch. Creative team warrants a BUY.


Joker Harley Criminal Sanity #1 (Of 9)(Cover A Francesco Mattina), $5.99
Joker Harley Criminal Sanity #1 (Of 9)(Cover B Mike Mayhew), AR
Joker Harley Criminal Sanity #1 (Of 9)(Cover C Mico Suayan), AR

Suayan and Mayhew on interiors. DOH!

And, that’s a wrap for another week!

House of #QUIX


How does one build a nation? That is the proposition Xavier is faced whilst building a consensus. Strangely enough, this does not come with opposition. At all. In fact, it comes with ultimatum. Charles speaks to the World unveiling his plan regarding the State of Krakoa. Its’ terms as a nation, and what if offers. At cost.

This issue introduces readers to the Council. A governing body assembled to discuss, enforce, and vote on the nation’s matters. Beginning with laws. The first victim of the Council, is none other than Sabretooth. For crimes against man, bloodshed. Readers learn just how exactly the Council intends to punish their own kind for breaking the laws of the land.

Amidst this cruelty, is celebration. Basking in the afterglow of what Charles and Erik have helped build along with Moira and their fellow kind. But, something lurks in the shadows. Within Utopia, is the unsatisfied. And what will come from within.

Diamond Select Toys PVC Diorama’s

Hello World! The kind folks at Diamond Select Toys have provided us with three currently in stock PVC Diorama’s for your viewing enjoyment. (And, hopefully purchase!)


First up, is the X-23 All New Wolverine PVC Diorama.

She’s the best there is at what she does, and she gets it from her dad’s side! The all-new Wolverine (formerly X-23, now just Laura Kinney) is the newest entry in the Marvel Gallery line of PVC Dioramas. Measuring approximately 9 inches tall, this detailed sculpture is made of high-quality PVC, and features collectible-quality paint applications. Packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Sam Greenwell!

This diorama is actually quite surprisingly light and does not require a great deal of space. It’s perfect for a collectible case, mantle or even desktop. Most notable, is the detail on Laura’s hair and the sheen of the blue on her costume. A very affordable item for any Howlett fan.


Wolverine PVC Diorama

The X-Men’s resident berserker joins the Marvel Gallery line of PVC dioramas! This 9-inch scale sculpture of Wolverine shows the hero in his classic brown costume, perched on a rock formation with claws extended, ready to tear into an opponent. Featuring detailed sculpting and collectible-quality paint applications, this sculpture comes packaged in a full-color window box. Sculpted by Phil Ramirez!

This PVC Diorama packs a punch! Despite only being 9 inches, this Wolverine is pretty hefty! I guess being a petite Canadian will come in handy for your desktops. Most notable, the painting on the piece. Glistens. Even Logan’s teeth are accentuated.


Mr. Sinister PVC Diorama

One of the most sinister of X-villains joins the Marvel Gallery line of PVC dioramas! Standing approximately 10 inches tall in a cloud of green smoke, this sculpture of the X-Men foe known as Mr. Sinister is made of high-grade plastic and features detailed sculpting and paint applications. He comes packaged in a full-color window box. Designed by Caesar, sculpted by Alterton! 

If you’re going to buy only one today, then we would recommend the Mr. Sinister PVC Diorama. It’s an absolute steal at this price. Most notable, is Nathaniel’s broad wing like cape, detailed costume, and bubbling ooze!

There you have it!! All three PVC Diorama’s can be purchased direct from Diamond Select Toys, NOW.


Thanks for reading!

Comic Book Picks for the Week of October 2nd, 2019

Hello World! Here’s our first Comic Book Picks for the Week on our new outlet, Quixotic. For those unaware, you can also find us @QuixoticComics on Twitter!! Now on to the goods!


Strange Skies Over East Berlin #1 (Cover A Evan Cagle), $3.99
Strange Skies Over East Berlin #1 (Cover B Tonci Zonjic), AR

Boom Studios has been a hot streak since the debut of Once & Future King, and while some of the steam has been taken out of the sails with Something is Killing Children, the upcoming slate shows no sign of slowing down. Keep an eye on the Final Order Cut Off Variant as it was a late solicit. The talent involved necessitate a BUY.


Dead Eyes #1 (Cover A John McCrea), $3.99
Dead Eyes #1 (Cover B Phil Noto), AR

Dead Eyes #1 from Image Comics was originally released some time ago under the title Dead Rabbit. Due to copyright issues, the series was shelved temporarily and now returns in it’s new form this week. Talent involved necessitate a BUY.


Fantastic Four #15 (Cover A Nick Bradshaw), $3.99
Fantastic Four #15 (Cover B J. Scott Campbell Mary Jane Variant), AR
Fantastic Four #15 (Cover C Valerio Schiti Spoiler Variant), AR

Fantastic Four #15 was solicited with a Spoiler Cover. Until recently, it had not been revealed. It appears to feature new characters called the Unparalleled. There have been multiple new characters introduced in this volume. It’s a recommended BUY.


House Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover A Pepe Larraz), $4.99
House Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover B Mike Huddleston), AR
House Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover C Sara Pichelli Flower Variant), AR
House Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover D Iban Coello Character Decades Variant), AR
House Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover E Giuseppe Camuncoli Foreshadow Variant), AR
House Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover F Javi Garron Connecting Variant), AR
House Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover G John Tyler Christopher Action Figure Variant), AR
House Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover H Skottie Young), AR
House Of X #6 (Of 6)(Cover I Pepe Larraz Virgin Variant), AR

Each issue of House of X and Powers of X has sold out and gone to multiple printings. It’s an X-Men story for the ages. This isn’t rocket science. It would serve you well to add this to your reading list or BUY pile this week.

And, that’s a wrap! Thanks for reading!! See you next week!!!