House of #QUIX


How does one build a nation? That is the proposition Xavier is faced whilst building a consensus. Strangely enough, this does not come with opposition. At all. In fact, it comes with ultimatum. Charles speaks to the World unveiling his plan regarding the State of Krakoa. Its’ terms as a nation, and what if offers. At cost.

This issue introduces readers to the Council. A governing body assembled to discuss, enforce, and vote on the nation’s matters. Beginning with laws. The first victim of the Council, is none other than Sabretooth. For crimes against man, bloodshed. Readers learn just how exactly the Council intends to punish their own kind for breaking the laws of the land.

Amidst this cruelty, is celebration. Basking in the afterglow of what Charles and Erik have helped build along with Moira and their fellow kind. But, something lurks in the shadows. Within Utopia, is the unsatisfied. And what will come from within.

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