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Them and Us. This is how House of X #5 begins. It has always felt as if ‘them’ was more of the boot, than the ant in the history of the X-Men. And if recent events were accurate (see House of X #4) more tears and bloodshed lay on the horizon for Charles’ children of the atom. What would happen if mutants saviors, were actually mutants?

Enter the Five. Five mutants from various periods of X-Men lore united in one common goal. Resurrection. With the mission to the Master Mold, it seemed that the X-Men were again dealt another deadly blow. But, Hope, Fabio, Elixir, Proteus and Eva change all that. We now know who were the pod people in this issue as it’s revealed how the X-Men survived the Mold and how mutant kind becomes united in one clear distinction. We are mutants. We are Gods.

Has Krakoa become the staging ground for a cult? A revolution? It isn’t exactly clear as Hickman evokes historical and societal themes interwoven with flashes of events past in lore. Is this really Xavier? If it is, it’s not a Charles Xavier we’ve seen before. Even Cylops and Jean Grey seem askew. It’s not so much a question of what does it all mean, but what is ACTUALLY going on here? These are the mind bending discussions that are happening all over the inter web on a daily basis.

As a veteran of comic book reading (40 years), it’s been a long time coming since the X-Men have been this good. Mutants have not felt this powerful, this confident in decades. And with that, one must begin to wonder, what exactly is Krakoa nurturing here with our merry mutants? Good and Bad seem to have flown out the window. What happens when all mutants are united? What happens when the powerless become empowered?

Welcome to Quixotic

Welcome to Quixotic

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What is Quixotic?

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